Resolution 3840-2160

Dernière version de Equalify Pro
Impossible actionner Equalify en résolution 38402160
Fonctionne très bien en résolution en 2560
Pourriez-vous m’aider?

I’m afraid i do not understand french.

Google translate translates to “impossible to activate” - does that mean impossible to log in (username/password)?

Latest version of Equalify Pro
Can not run Equalify pro in 3840/2160 resolution really small icon
Works great in 2560/1600 resolution
Could you help me?

Equalify runs fine in 4k resolution (i use 4k without scaling myself).

If you have scaling enabled in windows - make sure you have set the dpi settings to auto or set it manually.
Make sure you have “DPI scale the button in the spotify window” enabled as well.

Also make sure that “enable dpi scaling” is checked.

All of those are enabled and set like that as default.

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