Reset zoom(dpi)

Cant change my settings, because the window is all the way zoomed in and i cant figure out how to zoom it out.


Onboard 7.1 Realtek ALC 1220

Spotify version 1.0.75

Equalify Pro version 1.4

Try using the scroll wheel on your mouse :slight_smile:

I set the dpi on 200% but can’t reset now

It’s a bug which should be fixed in the next beta and stable release.

You could also manually reset the DPI to 100% by opening the file (%AppData%/Equalify/equalify2.eq) and changing the value of “DPI” to 96.

96 = 100% for some reason.

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What @Jumpy said is correct.

Some extra reading for the interested:

96 DPI = 100 % scaling
120 DPI = 125 % scaling
144 DPI = 150 % scaling
192 DPI = 200 % scaling

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Ty (Y)

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