Requesting Reund - Purchased Equalify twice

Hello, I have recently puchased Equalify. At the time of purchase I closed the paypal tab, quickly realising I reopened and returned to Equalify’s site. I then went and attempted to purchase again thinking it was canceled due to the error. I have recived two emails for payment both with different IDs.

Payment ID 1 (longest email so I’m guessing that’s the active licence): 559862008096034
Payment ID 2: 559862007088555

I do not wish to cancel Equalify, I would just like to refund the second accidental purchase. Any help will be appreciated and thanks in advance!

Hello there!

Yes you are correct, there seems to be two completed payments linked with your account.
There is systems in place to prevent double payments, but i guess you were just too fast for PayPal to notify us that the first payment had gone through.

I’ll refund one of the payments.

Do not be alarmed when your currently activated Equalify stops working and gives you an error about your license.

You will have to activate in the Equalify client again after the refund, but that is just due to technical reasons regarding refunds.

Okay, thank you. I’m guessing a refund invalidates current activations in some way shape or form? Maybe its a bool of “IsActivated = true” that gets set to false. I’m guessing its a JSON respongs of some form? Just a fellow dev wondering how things work. What language is it in anyways? I know the desktop version is chromium based so I’m guessing JavaScript?

Thank you once again for the help/

Correct, a refund invalidates all activations associated with the account.

Equalify itself is made in c/c++ and uses none of the chromium or js stuff that displays the Spotify UI.
It’s all custom win32 magic :slight_smile:

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