Refund please - nothing happened for me


Is there any way I can refund my purchase? I tried using it but it’s like nothing happened in my music. It just made my music a bit louder and the vocals clearer, nothing special.


Try using the presets (dropdown in top left corner of the eq)
Make sure you zoom out (scroll wheel on your mouse) so you get a wider range.

I’d suggest testing a bit more, if “nothing” happened for you, you are doing it wrong :slight_smile:

If you need help with how to use a (parametric) equalizer, you can read this:


Hi so yeah I already tried every preset, also tried tuning a new one, but it was not the equalizer I was expecting. This kind of equalizer is just not my type and a bit hard to understand. So I ask if I could get a refund on this? I just paid the top tier for this kind of equalizer. It would be good if you have the kind of equalizer like the one on macOS, “eqMac2”, on bitgapp. Thanks


Hey again,

Sure, i’ll refund your purchase.

But i’m not sure what you were expecting. The images show a parametric EQ and the text on the website says its a parametric EQ.

The EQ works VERY well and can totally change everything about a track - if you understand how to use it.
eqMac2 is probably an ok graphical EQ but its not nearly as powerful as Equalify or other parametric EQs.