Reduced activations/machines for TOP TIER License

Problem description:
Originally, TOP TIER ( £15) was for 200 activations/machines.
Now it’s only for 15 activations/machines.
I’ll appreciate if I can have a link of TOP TIER ( £15) for 200 activations/machines.

Operating system:

Hello, the original “top tier” license was discontinued many years ago and is not available for purchase.

The license with the most machines/activations now is the current “top tier” license with 15.

Do you want to translate Equalify to Chinese Traditional (zh-Hant/zh-TW)?
Chinese Traditional is mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.
Chinese Simplified (zh-Hans/zh-CN) for China.
I live in Taiwan.
I can translate it to Chinese Traditional (zh-Hant/zh-TW) if you can give me a free license as a reward.
TBH, I wish I can pay for a license for 200 activations/machines (including free major update) with big discounts after completing translating.
Anyway, you can consider.
The now TOP TIER ( £15) for 15 activations/machines can’t let me want to purchase for my family.