Quick Tips: Before and After you install Equalify Pro

Before Installation:
1.) Close and make sure Spotify is not running before installing Equalify Pro. (File->Exit - Just hitting the [x] can minimize instead of closing spotify)
2.) Make sure you have uninstalled any old versions of Equalify
3.) Make sure you are not using the Windows Store version of Spotify. Download the latest version of Spotify from https://download.scdn.co/SpotifyFullSetup.exe

Or click the “download Spotify here” link on the spotify download page:
( https://www.spotify.com/download )

(screenshot spotify.com/download)

During Installation:
1.) Install Equalify Pro to the same folder as Spotify ( Usually %appdata%\Roaming\Spotify )

After installation:
1.) Start Spotify
2.) Play a song (This is VERY important and this is the most common support thread we see) once you play a song a login dialog will appear. Login with your Username (not email) and password, once your correct credentials are entered you will see these bars will appear:

3.) Click the bars and your new Equalify Pro Plugin will be ready for you to use.

I hope this can help a few people.


If for some reason it still isn’t working you should take a look at this post: