Quick access for changing audio device and changing filter type

The reason I bought Equalify was to change the audio device, and that’s now even possible on-the-fly without restart - awesome!

It would be even better for me, if there was a dropdown menu in the main view to quickly change the device:

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I personally love you now! This is amazing idea and @Notrace you need to do it.

I think you could easily make it so there is a little check mark next to it also “to make permanent” like you have in the settings

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Changing the filter type is an action you probably do often, yet it is hidden in a sub-menu of the context menu. It would be easier to reach if the filter types were put at the top level of the context menu:

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I might have an even better idea regarding this, its basically the same, but in a different location (next to the eq button in the spotify window), or even just a right click menu when clicking the eq button :smile:

I’m very open to changing the right click menu though, i do not like how the current menu looks! And i like the look of the one you posted. Wont be possible to make it look exactly like yours but close (the indents on the filters wont be there)

Directly in the Spotify window would be awesome!

What if you just add some spaces in front of the filter names?

Hey, sorry for reviving this old topic, but i think this would be a useful feature as i often switch between audio output devices and would love to have some quick switch to do so. this could either be a drop down menu next to the current equalify icon or just a right click context menu.
changing the audio output device is basically the whole reason i bought equalify and being able to do so quicker would make me really happy :smiley: