Preliminary skin support How-To


To enable skinning support in Equalify you will need to grab the latest Equalify Beta - by opting in in the Equalify settings:

After you have the new beta version ( ) you should start spotify and show the EQ window. Move it once to make it re-generate the config file - with the new options.

OR you can add them manually to the config file.
In either case you will have to edit the file yourself to enable it.

The equalify config file is located in %appdata%/equalify/ and the file is called equalify2.eq

(Make sure you shut down spotify before editing the equalify config file, or your changes will most likely be overwritten.)

Open it and find the EQ key and set:

"ShowSkinButton": 1
"EnableSkins": 1

Restart spotify and load equalify and you should have a new button in the equalify toolbar "Skin Rld" You can use that button to load a skin file from any location, while the eq is running.

It will not save the skin file to the conf, but if you name the file and place it in the same folder as the equalify2.eq file, it will be loaded automatically on startup.

Example skin file here: (1.2 KB)

Place the file in %appdata%/equalify/

Now you can start editing your skin files.

All the color values are #AARRGGBB
Each key should be fairly understandable, but if its not, let me know and i’ll see if i can change it.

This was just made available due to a request in the Ideas part of the forum. Its mostly internal skinning that was never meant to be accessible by users, so its a little rough to play with it now. But its just the initial attempt at making it available… If the feature is popular we can spend some extra time on making it easier and more streamlined. Maybe even make a skin editor website available.
If it is not something that will be used, we reserve the right to remove the feature…

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  • Make sure you have Equalify version
  • Make sure spotify is not running!
  • Open %appdata%/equalify/equalify2.eq
  • Set ShowSkinButton and EnableSkins to 1 (Like this)
  • Download the example skin file: (1.2 KB)
  • Place the skin file in %appdata%/equalify/
  • Start Spotify and play music to load Equalify.
  • Edit skin file. All colors are #AARRGGBB
  • Press Skin Rld button in Equalify toolbar to re-load the skin or select another skin
  • is automatically loaded when equalify launches if skinning is enabled and the file is in the %appdata%/equalify/ folder.
  • Good luck !

Loving this feature :green_heart:

But reloading the skin doesn’t seem to be working for me. It just reverts back to the default EQ skin when I press it. I have to restart Spotify each time I change something for the custom skin to load again.

I clearly need to drop by the forums more often with these hidden features lurking here :smile:

@Jumpy There is a possibility that the skin reloading might have gotten bugged with the latest update to fix the eq button position. Had to merge a few different branches before making that fix.

Will look into it sometime next week and see if i can get it sorted for you.
Havent been out of bed for a week now and need a few more days to recover after the worst (man)flu in the history of mankind :joy:

And yea, you definitely should stop by the forums more often!

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Update here:

Should fix the skin loading/reloading (will always reload
Should also fix the issue with the button position changing if maximized or not (align things properly while not maximized)
Also fixed an issue of the button not being clickable if moved too far down.

I still have not gotten the new UI for spotify, so can’t really properly test everything.

edit: also realized i had locked the beta category so only trusted users could reply… everyone should be able to reply again now…

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Thanks for the update and glad you’re recovering from the flu!

The skin reloading does indeed work properly now. I can finally tinker around with it to hopefully make a masterpiece - I’m aiming to become Michelangelo of the Equalify theming community :laughing:

The icon position does work better as well, still a tiny bit of moving going on when resizing the window. But I’m confident you’ll be able to iron it all out once you get your hands on the new UI.

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I’m aiming to become Michelangelo of the Equalify theming community :laughing:

I’ll send you a PM to help you on your way!

still a tiny bit of moving going on when resizing the window.

Will take a look when/if i get that update. Seems like its just an A/B test that me(and most people) are not a part of.

Here’s a custom skin I just quickly made. Styled off of black and gold with some green accents. (1.2 KB)

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Yay! Someone actually used it! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

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