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I havent used equalify for a number of years but am having trouble getting it activated. In the members area there is no active licenses and it states that the paypal transaction is pending. I doubt I would be able to find the original payment information as it was years back, but I can have a look. In the meantime, is this a known issue that can be worked out?

Hey there,

Everything looks correct from what i can see.
Not heard of anyone else having an issue where the payment isnt showing up, so its not a known issue.

I’ve run a reset on your account, hopefully that will resolve any issues you might have.

Let me know if that doesnt do anything, and i’ll try to dig deeper!

The reset seems to have worked and its now showing my active licenses. I had a look on my paypal profile but it doesnt go back as far as that. Purchase was all the way back in 2017 :D. Thanks for the assistance!

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