PayPal Account Activation Help

Problem description:
Hello, could you please check the status of my account? When opening Spotify and attempting to login, I receive notification that I cannot download a valid license. Reviewing my account details here on the website, it still shows Licenses Status as pending.

Top Tier Licenses purchased on 31/10 via PayPal. Payment has cleared both PayPal on my end and the credit card linked to the account. Could you please check?


Operating system:
Windows 7

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
1.0.0 (Stable)

Hey @xrjoe,

The payment was completed successfully the same day as you made the purchase, PayPal did not send the notice to the licence server as it should so it did not know the payment had completed… This is the third time this has happened and they have all happened the last few weeks. Paypal seems to be having issues.

I’ve forced paypal to re-send the payment notices for the last few days, please check if your account is set up as it should now.

I’m very sorry about this, but there is very little i can do when its the paypal side that isn’t working properly.

I hope the re-send solved the issue for you!

Just received email confirmation and tired logging in via Spotify. Activated without issue. Thank you for the help and no worries!

Been using the free version since it came out and happy to have this up and running again.


Make sure you download and install the beta version on the members page, it includes many bug fixes one of which fixes a freezing issue that occurs with the 2-3 latest Spotify updates. :slight_smile:

Cheers, just installed.

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