Payment without PayPal


I wish to purchase the single version pro £5.00. I will not use PayPal as I have had problems with them before.

I can pay by Credit/Debit Card but see no option for this. Please advise.



Are you not able to pay without signing in? I thought there was an option to just pay with a debit/credit card

Like @DigidyDOG said you can pay through PayPal without a PayPal account using a debit or credit card (in most countries).

When it asks you to sign in there should be a “pay with debit or credit card” or “not a member yet?” (or something similar) link near the bottom of the sign in page with the option or registering and/or signing in with a PayPal account if you wish, but its not required.

As of now the only way to pay is through PayPal.