Output Device not recognized

I bought the product primarily thinking it would allow me to play Spotify from my PC to my Pioneer AV Receiver, which doesn’t appear in the list of available devices. Is this expected behaviour? I have since trialled Air Parrot which does allow this. I don’t want to invest in another app if this one should be recognising it.

Are you using a sound card?


@Deadlegs How is your Pioneer receiver connected to your computer ? HDMI, Coax, Optical or just regular jack plugs ?

It is connected via my Ethernet lan but also has air play capability

Thanks for your reply. My pc doesn’t use these cards and the plugin is working to the extent it recognises the card and my Wireless LAN/BT enabled Harman Kardon wireless speaker. It just doesn’t see the Pioneer receiver which sits on the wired network , However airplay via iTunes does, so as long as I use Spotify from my apple devices I can play it through the receiver, but I’d rather use it through the PC if possible. Again, Air Parrot provides this functionality but I thought EQualify ought to also.

AirPlay is just a network protocol/server that is transferred through whatever network the device might have, so in your receivers case, its going through the wired lan.

At the moment Equalify does not support Apples proprietary AirPlay protocol. If the audio device shows up in your “playback devices list” in windows it should work with the EQ device changer.
Windows has to recognize it as an actual audio device for it to be available to select.

AirPlay support is a good idea for a future feature. It all depends on Apples licensing if its allowed or not. And i would have to get an AirPlay supported receiver to be able to test.

Thanks you for getting back to me. Good points you make and the receiver appears in my network list but not as an audio output device so I think that answers my question. I might be able to connect it via a digital audio cable as the connection appears in the Equalify list. I will consider my options thank you!

im trying to use the traktor audio 2 sound card and everytime I choose the sound card setting I get a crash pop up and spotify closes

Have you tried using the beta version of Equalify Pro ?
It includes some bugfixes to the device change functions. If it still doesn’t work with the beta i’m afraid that the traktor audio 2 usb card is not supported.

You can also try setting the audio 2 to use 16bit/44.1khz or try disabling ASIO if possible.

I don’t have Asio on my secondary laptop that in using for Spotify and I’m trying to adjust the audio 2 like you suggest but in stumped on how to do that