[OTHER/LICENSE] License not showing up and saying it's activated somewhere else with no more activations available

License not showing up and saying it’s activated somewhere else.

I changed my Video Card on my Desktop PC, after doing this Spotify started asking me for the Username/Password for Equalify

I enter the login information and it’s saying my license is activated somewhere else and I know this is not true. This is the only PC I own with Equalify on it.

When going to the site, it says I have 0 activations available and it says the Payment is still “Pending”…How is it possible that the date purchased shows as 2015-06-09 and I’ve been using Equalify and even re-installed it after a format months ago and never had a problem??

I purchased a License because I love this program, but I will not pay again for something I already know I paid and it came listed on my billings (on that date I provided)

Why do I have 0 license activations?? I have followed this link from your site:

----"If you have upgraded windows to Windows 10 or you have changed hardware in your computer you might get an error saying that your license has already been activated on another computer.

In theory one activation is one activation, but in practice we let you re-generate the license key a limited amount of times.

To fix this issue please log on to the members area on the Equalify Pro website114.

At the bottom of the members page you will see a list of your active keys, deactivate the one that’s not in use and you will be able to activate your Equalify Pro again. But keep in mind that you wont be able to do this unlimited amount of times.

Solved in post #15" ----*-

There is no option on my screen to do this, I cannot manage the license at all and cannot de-activate anything, there’s simply no option listed.

I appreciate any help you can provide on this.

Pablo Espinoza.

I have already replied to your support mail.

This doesn’t work sir.

When using Spinoz87 it says my account has not been activated. No matter how many times I reset the password.

And using Spinz87 now it says the payment is Void.

Please advise.

Spinoz87 is the correct account, and it is activated and has a payment and active keys.
Please see the private message i sent you with user details…

Resetting the password should be easy as long as you have access to the mail account used to register.

Use the hotmail address to reset your password, not the gmail address.

Awesome!!! THis worked sir!!! Can you remove the old account then?

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Great, i’ll deactivate your old account, but i can not delete it.

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