Old Free (unsupported) Equalify making Spotify not Open

Hello i just have this weird problem that a lot of people seem to have and its just doesnt fix automagically like others. So the thing is when i install Equalify 2.5.3 and 2.2.1 (the version i tried) Spotify wont open. it shows up on task manager and if i click again another instance of spotify will show up on task manager again and again but nothing happens the program will never real open . so when i uninstall Equalify , Spotify immediately opens in an instant just like that. I tried many reboots installing both again and again also made sure spotify is not open on task when i install equalify disable firewall etc i even installed the spotify version i found on a similar thread spotifyfullsetup but its just doesnt fix i have headsphones (razer) and some speakers connected simultaneously No razer synapse or any related program its just so frustrating cause i want to stream with spotify and i cant… Please help

OS windows 10
i have asus z170 gaming mobo no other soundcards installed
I have Voicemeeter banana, OBS, Msi afterburner, asus gpu tweak, Discord , Ccleaner, chrome , streamlabs , sonicradar, realbench, Cpuid hwmonitor, prime95, speedfan, geforce exp, origin, winamp and some games installed not sure what is causing the problem or the fix might be.

Sorry for the long post
Any help would be much appriciated

Not sure where you managed to dig up one of the old Equalify versions, but they have not worked or been supported for about 5 years.

Unfortunately there is no way for you to get that version to work.

Your only option, if you want Equalify, is to purchase the version available on the website.

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