Old Equalify Preset To Equalify Pro

This is my old equalify preset. I want to move to new equalify pro exactly same. How can i do this?

Preset = ABBA988CBC8 (2-3-3-2-1-0-0-4-3-4)

There is no direct easy way of “importing” other than knowing the EQ well…I tried to recreate what you have here I can give you all the point values and you can create them and tweak it as you see fit?

Or what? Here is a quick screenshot:

Heres my quick attempt; i didn’t see this post until now for some reason.

But like @DigidyDOG said, there is no way to convert the presets from the old eq to the new eq.

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wow I used 10 points he uses 4 #showoff

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