Old Equalify (free) Button Not Working :/

Problem description:
The Equalify logo shows up next to the “Help” tab but when I hover over it it says “Status: ON, Limiter: ON, Preset: RESET” When I try to click on it it does nothing. Please Help ahaha :smile:

Operating system:
windows 10


Any special software you might have installed:
Razer Cortex (Not Running During test)

To me that sounds like you have the old EQ still installed.

When you upgraded to Windows 10 I am guessing you just “upgraded” and didn’t do a “fresh install”.

I would suggest to uninstall all any Equalify EQs you might still have on your system, once that is done reinstall the new Equalify Pro.

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What @DigidyDOG said is correct.

If the button is near the help menu and not the Spotify icon at the top it means that you have the old version of Equalify (free) installed.

This usually happens if you do not shut down Spotify before installing Equalify Pro. If Spotify is running the files are in use and can not be overwritten during the install.

To fix it you can do this:

  1. Shut down Spotify
  2. Make sure you uninstall any old Equalify version you might have
  3. Install Equalify Pro to the same folder as spotify (
    %appdata%/Spotify )
  4. Start spotify
  5. Play a song

Equalify should then load and show you the login screen.

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