Ok so you don't want my money?

I love this equalizer.

But what kind of ridiculousness is this? I have used up my 3 activations and want to activate on a new computer (because well people get new computers!!! DUH) and now it tells me I can’t buy more? I have to create a new frikkin email adress and register a new account to buy your product? Seriously? That’s just plain stupid. You guys don’t want to make money then I assume? Because that is exactly how you miss out on a lot of money. (Trust me I know. I am a business owner)

I want to buy my new activations on this account. I’m not going to create a new email adress just for the sake of buying Equalify. That’s email littering. If that’s not possible, well then I guess I’m out and will have to find another solution. Real sad.

Hey there,

You are correct about not being able to spend more money using your existing account.
That is because you do not need to. You can deactivate some of your old machines on the members page and re-use them for your new hadrware. ref.: https://community.equalify.me/t/licence-already-activated-upgraded-reinstalled-new-hardware

The payment block is to make sure people do not spend money on something they do not need!

Follow the link above and you will be up and going on your new machine in no time!

Oooh Ok that makes sense! Hmmm you might want to make that more clear towards the end user though because I had no idea whatsoever this was possible.

But great to hear I can keep using my old account. That’s all I needed. :slight_smile:

Thanks and cheers!

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