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There seems to be a limit of 3 posts in each topic for me, so i hope you can see my answer here. I do have the unified driver, since the original one never worked. And i do know how to edit registry, if you tell me what edits i should make.

Best Regards Magne

Ahh! No wonder the Xonar fix tool didn’t work then, it only works with the original Xonar driver, same with the registry edit i had in mind.

When you installed the unified driver, you probably didn’t check the correct options that make it work with software like Equalify.

“Just remember to check use C-Panel (NOT THE GX ONE) in the installer.”
Is what i’ve been told by the people that has used the unified driver.

If its possible for you to uninstall the driver, and reinstall it, and make sure to check c-panel it should work. it might need a reboot after uninstall/reinstall though.

But shouldn’t I at least be able to see the icon in spotify when starting it up and playing a song?

No, when the xonar driver injects itself into every windows process(application) it blocks the equalify pugin from loading in spotify, since it loads the audio driver before spotify gets a chance to look for the plugin

hmm, i checked, and it might seem like i have the original driver after all, how do i check which one i have?

This behavior is unique to the c-media drivers that the xonar/auzentech/ht-omega drivers are built on, noone else does anything like this.

It is the C-Media drivers i have. Just checked it now

Try uninstalling the driver, and reinstall it using the option i mentioned above and it should work :smile:

From a previous support mail from another user:

Hey again,

So I just installed the Uni xonar driver from and checked use C-Panel (NOT THE GX ONE) and it worked!

Thanks again

I reinstalled the driver from that site, and no luck, still can’t see the equalify icon in spotify

Have you also made sure to reboot after the uninstall and re-install ?

Yep, rebooted after re-install

So with the unified drivers installed and the C-panel option checked it really should work.

Can you go to %appdata%/spotify and see if you find dsound.dll there, and what size it is?

The dsound.dll file is 722kb

Thats the right file in the right location, I can not recall anyone having this issue before.

Just as a final attempt you could try uninstalling equalify and spotify, and re-install them both (spotify first).

If that doesnt work you can PM me your payment info and i’ll send you a refund.
Its someting on your computer thats blocking it, or you might have an old spotify install somewhere else.

Reinstalled both, and still no luck :frowning: really would like it to work, since it is so useful. Is it nothing else i can try?

do you know how to use IRC ?
would be easier to to try to figure this out in live chat.

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yes, i do, what server should i come to?

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Solved the problem now with a lot of help from Notrace at IRC :smile: The problem turned out to be a remaining file from the original (bad) Asus Xonar drivers. Very nice customer support!


Glad I could help :wink:

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