Not working with Spicetify

I like to use spicetify to change how my Spotify UI looks like and after injecting spotify with custom css EQualify button stops showing :frowning: Someone has had it working, but I’ve had no such luck.

Nevermind… EQualify just doesn’t launch for some reason unless its on my main screen when i start playing a song first time after launch.

Equalify should launch just fine no matter what monitor you have spotify on when playing a song,
I’ve been using spotify/equalify on my system with 4 monitors for years without issues.

It probably loaded but didnt show the button, and if you modify spotify in any way that could be the cause even if its just css/js mods. Spicetify actually looks pretty neat though!

Could also be related to a DPI settings bug thats in the current release version of equalify. You can get a fixed update if you go to the equalify settings->misc->beta opt-in

See if that sorts the problem for you.

So far that I’ve tested the Equalify does start so the EQ effect is present, but the button doesn’t appear unless spotify window is maximized on some screen before pressing play. (This happens even if I don’t have Spicetify injected and/or Developer mode enabled) Weird right, but at least I have a working workaround.

Never seen or heard of that before.

That happens even after the update that was pushed out today? (1.4.4)

Yup, 100% of the time the button appears if the window is maximised on one of the 3 monitors.

So far the button has appeared maybe once w/o the window being maximised. (But I don’t reboot or turn off my computer if I absolutely don’t have to so It’s not a big problem, just have to do it once every reboot so maybe couple of times a year :sweat_smile:)

Well, if its not a problem thats good. Its still super strange though.
I mean there is no code in Equalify that cares if the Spotify window is or has been maximized or not. So it shouldn’t be a factor at all.

What OS are you on (incl update) and anything else that might matter ?

Windows 10 64bit version:

Spotify version:
GPU Driver version: AMD Radeon Software Version 18.10.2 (18.11.1 is live)
GPU is Radeon RX Vega64

I have Rainmeter running (turning it off doesn’t affect)
I have Wallpaper Engine running (turning it off doesn’t affect)

Disabling Anti-Virus completely doesn’t affect this behavior
I don’t have spotify experimental features turned on
I have Spotify Hardware Acceleration turned on
I have three (3) monitors

  1. 2560*1440 (144hz, 10bit, RGB 4:4:4) center
  2. 1600*1200 (60hz, this is where spotify window usually is) left
  3. 1680*1050 (60hz) right

I have windows updates disabled (there was some bad updates and didn’t want to risk losing data)

Can’t come up with anything else that might affect things.

Have scaling enabled on any of the monitors?

Nothing out of the ordinary in what you posted, so again, nothing that should affect that button.

Nope, gpu scaling is off on all monitors and don’t have HDR enabled in windows.