Not Seeing Equlify at all!

Just bought the pro version. Downloaded the recent fix 1.1.7
I don’t get it.
I uninstalled Spotify & Equalify.
Reinstalled them both to thee correct folderrs. I am still not seeing Equalify
I downloaded Spotify straight from the Spotify website. I do not want to give up on this so please help.
I am also not receiveing a log in message to Equalify at all once i log into spotify to generate a key.
I have used all the links provided in the memebrs area. Uninstalled multiple times
After looking into my setting on Spotify i noticed it is the Windows Store Version. I downloaded the setup mulitple times and It keeps downloading the store version. please help

Not sure how you just bought Equalify and got the 1.1.7 version…the members area only has 1.2.6 at the lastest and we are in 1.4.0 territory as current.

I got the 1.4.0 Version.
I looked around in the forums and seen about the Windows Store Bug. That the issue I am having and I can’t rid of it!! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it from the links provided . It’s evil…

If you are one of the lucky people that are unable to uninstall the store version of spotify, there is no way for you to get equalify to work at the moment.

Equalify does not work with the store version.

However, i have never been able to replicate the “unable to uninstall” or “it automatically reinstalls the store version” myself… A regular uninstall of the store version(after shutting spotify down) then installing the desktop version using the downloadable installer from the spotify website has always worked for me on all my test machines and for all my testers… so i’m not sure whats different with your machine.

Try :

  • shut down spotify using file->exit
  • uninstalling all versions of spotify that might be installed, including the store version,
  • reboot your computer
  • install spotify using this file:

Hello there. So this does not work for me at all. The Icon just does not appear at all ;(

Same issue here!

(if yes, send me a private message)

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