[non-issue] Extreme CPU Usage

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So, over the past few days/weeks I’ve noticed Spotify running at 100% CPU/Disc.

I’ve come to the conclusion that an update has either broken Equalify, or has created some form of Memory leak.

This is only speculation as I’ve not tried removing Equalify and seeing if the problem persists. Will edit the post as/when I have answers.

In some occasions, When spotify has been active/open/in use for long periods of time, the whole thing seems to shut down and completely use up all of my system resources.
Similar issue persists when opening Spotify for the first time.

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I’m fairly sure (can almost guarantee) that its not equalify causing the cpu/hdd usage.
First of all Equalify only reads the conf file once on startup. And it only writes to it when the user changes a setting - so it cant be causing the disk usage.

And there is only really two things in the EQ that uses the cpu. One is the DSP(processing the audio) the other is drawing to screen. the dsp itself is pretty much non-measurable, and the drawing only uses cpu when the eq is showing, so easy way to remove 99.5% of the cpu time the eq uses is to just hide it :slight_smile:

Spotify adding bugs that cause excessive cpu and HDD usage is not new though (this is the first that came to mind: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/stop-spotify-killing-ssd-hard-drive):sweat_smile:

CPU usage in the last 2 spotify versions while showing the EQ and playing music:


Did you ever figure out what was causing the massive cpu/disk usage ?

Oof, shit Haha.

Completely forgot to update. MY BAD

It seems to be a non-issue since then as I’ve built a new Workstation. Haven’t installed spotify yet but I’m sure it was a dicky HDD. [And the old 8350 was Perma-OC’d to 5.2GHz and the 2 HDD’s were 7 years old which probably didn’t help the situation] :smiley:

Request for thread Closure.

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Hehe sounds like a recepie for disaster :slight_smile:

I’ll close the thread as a non-issue!