[NoFix/UserError] Completely Broken

Problem description:
I just hit update on my Spotify and now equalify sounds like crap, its not my preset or anything its just a new error, is there some way to downgrade my spotify version back to 1.1.42

Operating system:
windows 10

Spotify version (not windows store version)

Equalify Pro version

I’m on the same version of Spotify and same Equalify version.
There is no issue for me on the machines i have.

Could you maybe explain better what exactly happens?
“sounds like crap” does not give me anything to work with…

I updated spotify from 1.1.42 to the version 1.1.43 and it completely broke Equalify. It sounds absolutely horrible and it is not my preset, it is not anything on my end.

Just listen to it, it is just buzzing and sounds horrible, it’s not the preset as I have used it for a while and was in love with it, it broke after updating spotify today.I have re installed Spotify and Equalify several times and it didn’t fix it

I have looked into it and it is actually not a bug in Equalify.

Spotify has moved you back to 16 bit audio instead of 32 bit. Which will make that preset not work.
When using 32bit audio there is a lot of extra room to alter the audio signal.
Spotify has used 16 bit audio since Spotify launched in 2008.

Now to your preset:
I’m sorry to say it… But that preset is insane, and should never be used by anyone. You should try to make a new one following the rules below.

  • The fat white line should be as close to the center line as you can,
  • You should use as few bands as possible
  • You should try to remove from the signal instead of adding.

You should also re-enable the limiter that you have most likely disabled.

An equalizer is not an amplifier. You should not use it to make the audio louder.

The fact that it is possible to add 100x +16dB bands on top of each-other does not mean you should, or that the output is going to be pleasant.

No it fit my headset perfectly and sounds great, how do I go back to 32 bit.

Only way would be to find one of the older versions of Spotify (from a few weeks ago) and install that and block updates.

Or you will have to wait for Spotify to hopefully change back to 32bit.
I expect that they will eventually switch back.

I tried switching Spotify to an old version, but I failed. Could you possibly show me how to revert back to an older version and block updates.