No settins can be opened. Migrate from free to Pro?

Problem description:
Hi, I just wanted to adjust my Spotify EQ. To keep it short, I believed Spotify had built-in EQ, but I soon realized I’m using Equalify. Since I don’t remember ever purchasing for it, chances are that I downloaded it back in its free era.

The problem is that only the EQ icon is displayed in Spotify, but I cannot open the settings to change EQ. Clicking right the icon, and no context menu there.

Do you have any tips as to what may cause this? Do I need to migrate to the paid version?

Operating system:
Windows 10

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
Not Pro; Equalify v2.5.3 (Stable)

I’m afraid the old/free version of Equalify no longer works and is no longer supported.
It stopped working in jan/feb 2015 when Spotify updated their client to the new user interface.
The original Equalify was available from 2011 to 2015 in various versions.

The new(pro) version was first released in late may 2016 and is the only version that works with the latest Spotify clients.
Its a one time investment and the top tier includes all future updates as well.

You are not the first to mistake Equalify for a stock, built-in equalizer!

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Thanks for the info!

Just one more question: Is Equalify able to switch between presets automatically to match the genre of the music playing?

No, there is no automatic switching between presets.
There is no reliable (the only way is to use undocumented and unsupported spotify APIs that could stop working at any time) and fast way of getting the info for the playing track, and even if there was, the info does not contain the genre.

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Then I wish they document that API some time. An EQ is an amazing thing, but if you set it to rock or punk, then you just switch to some Chopin or Beethoven, it gonna be weird. As weird as changing presets continuously while working. :slight_smile:

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