No log in upon sportify startup and song play

Problem description:
After deactivating my key due to issues i was having loading the equalify on my spotify, i have constantly installed and uninstalled both spotify and equalify following the given instruction making sure spotify was closed during installation but i’m not recieving any log in menu to activate the key, even after playing a song. Please help because i can’t use equalify and fear my money has gone in the gutter. :frowning:

Operating system:
windows 10

Realtek Audio Driver

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:


Please have a look at this list:

Most likely, since you were able to activate once, its gamebooster or you might be using some wireless speakers?

Are you also sure you are installing to the correct folder (the default path is most likely correct).
And, this might sound dumb, but have you rebooted your computer? Its amazing how much a reboot can fix on a windows computer!

Luckily i don’t have any wireless speakers and havent got a single razer product on my pc, I have tried to restart my pc and it had no effect. I’m honestly clueless as to what it can be.

What issues were you having? what did you do before those issues started?
Please try to describe in detail anything that could help.

Also please open the %appdata%/spotify folder in the file explorer and see if you can find a file named dsound.dll there.

For some reason, upon installing it everything seems to install fine yet i have no record of equalify being installed in my programs and apps, neither do i have the dsound.dll file in my spotify folder. I have restarted my pc after both installations of spotify and equalify but it’s like it’s just not there. :frowning:

Only thing i can think of is for you to send me the spotify folder with the installed files in there and see if replacing that with the folder in my roaming directory will enable it. Sorry for being such a pain, i’ve never had trouble like this with installing a program.

Log in on the website, and try downloading one of the older versions.
You will find them under “Legacy downloads” on the member page.

See if one of the older versions work for you. This is most likely an issue with your computer. Out of tens of thousands of installs I’ve never heard of anything like this before.

And it did work fine the first time you installed, so i’m not sure what is being done differently now.

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