No license after re-install

I had a problem where Spotify didn’t open up at all, so I deleted everything that had to do with Spotify for the first time. After I re-instaled everything I dind’t have a license. This is the only time I have deleted anything that has to do with Spotify on my computer. I don’t understand how i can get my license back.

I tried the steps at License already activated on another computer but I had no luck, it says i have 0 licenses left!
What can I do?

I’m afraid you do not have a license associated with that username. (no payment)
If you have a license its using a different username.

Thats wierd, I know i had equalify before i re-installed sportify and I’m preaty sure I used this username. Thanks anyways!

You should have a payment reference number from paypal and/or a payment ID number from us when you completed your payment.
If you can provide that i can look up your payment and username.

I can’t seem to find anything on my E-mail so it must have been a glitch/bug i the system that made me get your software anyways. Thank you for the help, I might try to buy it once more :slight_smile:

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