No idea what i'm doing - Any tips for noobs?


Hey, I just thought i’d check out this plugin because I recently bought a schiit stack and a pair of hd660s. I’ve never messed with equalizers but since I figure this was $20, I might as well ask if there are any best practices or places to look for the right info (there is a lot).



I made this in 2015, its on a older version of the EQ but the general concepts are the same.


This article should explain everything you need to know about EQing.

Just keep in mind that there are no right and wrong solutions (except if you make the audio clip, thats wrong…).
If you are happy with how it sounds, then that is correct for you (and your room, speakers, ears…).
Just play around with it, and use a subtractive eq if you can. if you use an additive approach, make sure you lower the gain to make sure the signal wont clip :slight_smile:

Also make sure to use as few bands as you can to get the result you like… more is not always better !

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