No equalizing on Lynx Asio

Problem description:
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Operating system:

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Spotify version
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Equalify Pro version
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Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
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I will definitely need more information to be able to help you.

edit: i found your support mail, will follow up there.

Thanks for the response…But after rebooting a 2nd time, Equalify began working, and is presently doing a nice job of making spotify sound better at the the lower volumes I wanted equalization for. Apparently it works perfectly with the Asio driver and Lynx AES16 card.

Not sure why the first reboot did not do the trick, but it is good now.
Thanks again.

Dan Volker

Sometimes software and drivers live their own life, that’s the best explanation i have.

But i’m glad you got it working and that it does a good job. Lets hope it keeps working now!
I’ve closed the email ticket, but if you have any more issues you can re-open the ticket by replying to your original ticket or by asking here on the forums.

Have a good day, and happy new year! :fireworks:

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