No Download on my page

There is no Downloadbutton at my page because I activate the email with my cell phone so I can’t use it on my PC. At frist I thougt the Program is bugging so I uninstall Equalify and now i can’t download it anymore.

Sorry for the bad english I’m german.

Your account has no valid licence.
Equalify pro is not free, it requires a paid license.

Once you pay for a license you get a members page with a lot more options, including the download link.

Where can I download Equalify ?

On the website, after you purchase a license.

Is there a not pro version ?

There is only one version of Equalify available now, and that is Equalify Pro.

The old free Equalify was discontinued many years ago, and no longer works with the latest versions of spotify, and is not available for download.