No Beta Update possible?

Problem description:
Cant make the Beta update, nothing happens when I push the Check Update button.

The Addon is working good but I have the DPI scaling problems… Thats why I wanna test the beta Thing…

Operating system:
Windows 10 x64 on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Internal Chip

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:


I’m afraid there are no beta versions available right now.

We only use beta versions when we have some new feature or change that we need help testing.
The DPI scaling fix/update will most likely have a beta test at the same time as other changes but i can not make any promise as to when that beta will be launched.

Keep the “beta opt-in” checkbox checked and it will check automatically every launch or once a day.

…nothing happens when I push the Check Update button
It should show a message box that says you are on the latest version. I will look into that!

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