Newby: I installed equalify but do'nt see anything in Spotify

Problem description:
I downloaded the newest Spotify to my desktop. Then downloaded and installed Equalify Pro (in the user-map/roaming/spotify). I opened Spotify and played a song but did’nt see anything that has to do with Equalify.

Operating system:
windows 10

Are you sure you are using the regular desktop version of Spotify ?
Eqaualify does not work with the Windows Store version.

(check help->about in spotify to see the version number, it should say something about store version if its the store version)

I looked in my Spotify account Help/about and here is a screenshot of what it says there:

Spotify gegevens

I think that is not the playstore version. Ik downloaded the desktop version from the Spotify-site. But I don’t see a Spotify folder in my Programs-folder. It is placed in my user folder and then in Roaming.

Best greetings Nelly Wuis

The roaming folder is correct.
And that is not the Store version.

What soundcard do you have in your machine ?

Have you looked at this thread: Incompatible hardware and software

The specs of my laptop say: Sound by Dynaudio 2.1

Could you please give me the full model name/number of your computer. That way i can look up all the stats :slight_smile:

This is mij laptop: MSI PE70 2QE-403NL

An educated guess is that one of the programs that is part of the dynaudio driver (probably this: is interfering the same way that the stock Asus Xonar driver.

Would you be willing to help test out the theory by uninstalling nahimic(2), restarting the computer and re-try the spotify installation ?

If not we can just do a refund of the purchase :slight_smile:

It would be nice to verify if that is the problem though, for me and future users.

I uninstalled Nahimic, restarted my laptop and installed Spotify and Equalify again. Unfortunately no improvement :joy:

Thats sad. Thanks for trying though!

I’ll just mark your account for a refund - You should have your money back within a couple of hours :slight_smile:

Yeah, sad that it doesn’t work. I should have liked it very much, I guess. Thanks for the great and quick responses on my question.

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