New User - Am I asking too Much?

I’m trying to reduce a particular sound / tonal range in the playback, in this case a saxphone, so that I can play over the track with my own sax. Is this possible and if so, can someone guide me through the steps to do that please?

Windows 10. Spotify version Equalify Pro version

Removing only the sax would be hard to do.
But if you add a series of notch filters in the right places (look at the analyzer graphs where the sax notes are) you should be able to make something that could work.

Notches in the correct areas and adjust the Q/width to not affect too much of the other audio.

If you link a song you are thinking of i can see if i can make it work.

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Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t notified of it, as expected, so I have only just seen it. As a newbie, I’ve no clue about notch filters, so any guidance is welcome. I’m not sure how to link a song, but I’ll try and reply ASAP.


This is the track link:

Any of the Album tracks “Quartet” by Bob Reynolds tracks would work for what I need, if that’s possible. Thanks again for trying.

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