New PC can not get Equalify to recognize my ID and password...?

I have previously purchased Equalify Pro. My payment ID is: 89552201515443

I dropped my old laptop and killed it. So on a new laptop an tried to reinstall Equalify but it does not recognize me or my password as valid on my new laptop.

Please advise - I would really like to get Equalify to work again on my new laptop.


Here you go:


Apologies but the message above got truncated. It ends with, deact…

I see the bottom but what am I supposed to do? Deactivate it first? Then reactivate? not sure and am afraid to hit the ‘deactivate’ key in case I kill my license.


Yes, deactivate the old key, then log in when equalify asks.

Deactivating a key is not the same as deactivating your licence :slight_smile:

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