New Feature Request: Crossfeed

Hello, I would be so pleased, if you you would be able to integrate crossfeed (I’m a headphone listener). I would also pay for this feature.
Best greetings from Germany and thanks,

Crossfeed is something i have completely forgotten about. Should be possible to implement.

Will look into it!


That’s great! Hopefully you can do it!
Looking forward to it,

Played around with the idea last night and i think its coming along fairly well.

Effect is subtle, but its there.

WIP, but the UI for it will probably be something like the video above.


If you have beta builds enabled in settings (under the misc tab) you will now have access to an experimental crossfeed implementation - the same as shown in the video above.


Did anything come of this? Will it be included in a release at some point? When I check for beta updates nothing shows.

It was released to the beta branch in late January and to the main branch in mid April.

Since then Spotify has changed their audio format internally and the crossfeed feature is not available for the new audio format (yet).

Will re-implement for both audio systems after the summer.

From the Equalify changelog (Changelogs):

[+] ADDED: experimental crossfeed feature.
This can be enabled and controlled in the “dsp” tab in settings.
Crossfeed is meant to be used by headphone users only.
It’s all very beta/experimental at this stage, so feel free to report
issues or ideas on the forum. 2
(not available for 32bit audio at the moment)