New Customer Equalify Not Loading in Spotify

Have tried multiple uninstalls, and reinstalls of both spotify and equalifier. nothing seems to be working, I have followed the installation instructions carefully a few times, am i missing something?


Have you tried to play a song?

Yup, I have. I have looked in the Spotify app data folder and it appears that the installation was successful as well as the extension seems to be there.

I have uninstalled Spotify and equalify, re installed both, e sure app was not running during installation and for the life of me cannot get the equalify to show up. Im currently only playing music from stations (as my account is new) but I don’t see that being the issue.

I installed Spotify through the windows store, and I know on their website you can install the app through an .exe, but I also can’t see this being an issue either.

That is your problem.

The windows store version is not supported at this time.
The store version is new and the program folder for the store version is protected by the operating system.

See this post for more information:

Fantastic, funny I figured that may be it. Might be a helpful thing to put in near the same spot as the other installation tips. Appreciate all your help, it’s up and running!

I’m sorry about the confusion.
The Store version is pretty new and very few people seem to be using it so i’ve not given it much thought.

I’ve updated the front page of the website to include:
Please note that the Windows Store version of Spotify is not supported. Please use the normal installer available on the Spotify website when installing spotify.

And i will go through a few posts on the forum and update them after the weekend.

No problem at all, amazing service to be honest. Thanks for the help, such a great app for those who stream and want to use various outputs.

Enjoy the weekend!


Thank you for the kind words.

Have a great weekend!

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