New beta update available

A new beta build is available via the builtin auto updater.

Make sure you have enabled the beta opt-in. Settings->misc->beta build opt-in

(its not available on the website because i want to test the builtin updater)

If the update fails to install open %appdata%/Spotify in your file explorer and select:

  • dsound.dll
  • dsound.dll.bak
    then right click and select properties, and un-check the read-only checkbox, then apply.
    You can then try the update again.

Worked like a charm, thanks !



Updater failed but was able to follow the instructions and un-select the read only. Update then worked. Thanks


Thanks to you both for letting me know the instructions worked for you :smile:
Too bad i didn’t anticipate my files suddenly becoming write protected. But that should not be an issue in the future!

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