Need to generate a key manually

Problem description:
Innstalled using this guide, retried - twice.
Need to manually generate my key by contacting support.
I am using an authenticating proxy.
Is behind multiple firewalls.

Operating system:

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Please double check your Username and Password, It is the same as the one you used to log onto

I did that.

Message says:

Activation error

Could not connect to the activation server.
The username or password might be wrong, or you might be behind a proxy or firewall.
Do you want to generate your key manually on the Equalify Pro website?

Yes No

After “Yes”

Manual Key Generation

To generate your key, you need to open the equalify pro website, and log in to the members area.
There will be an input box under the “Your Keys” header where you can input the HWID you will get in the next dialog.
Once the key is generated, you must download it from the “Your Keys” area, and place the equalify.dat the folder that will be automatically opened for you (%appdata%/equalify)


Pressing “OK” and gets my HWID.

Hello @kazex

This is exactly the reason why there is a way to generate a key manually.

I will send you instructions in a private message.

After manual activation, the software works!
Thanks for great support!

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