Need Registration Activation Key

( Payment or refund requests has to be posted in the [Payments and Refunds]
I paid $13.59 USD via PayPal. Payment ID is 324212118355426.

Problem description:
Somehow the system assumes I’ve already logged in on another device or computer which is not the case.

Operating system:
Windows 7 OS.

If you know what soundcard(s) you have, please include it! (ie. Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT Omega)

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
You will find the version info in Settings->About
I don’t see “Settings” to tell what version but it was downloaded on 9 Nov 2017.

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
My pc runs HP IDT HD CODEC.

Make sure you log in with the correct Username (not email) and Password

Your account seems to be fine, and the payment has gone through. So you have 3 unused activations :slight_smile:

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