Need Refund


I clearly saw the mention that “may not work on XP”, but it was vague enough that I figured I could jump thru some hoops and get it working.
After I installed and tried it, I got the “dwmapi.dll not found”.
When I searched Support, it was obvious that Equalify will NOT work on XP EVER. Not “may not work”, but “WILL NOT EVER WORK” due to the dwmapi requirement (which is a Vista GUI subsystem that XP never had and never WILL have).
So I feel misled and unhappy.
If you have an older “build” that WILL run on XP, then I want it.
If not, then I want a refund.
PM me and let me know what info you need.


It used to work fine on XP, when that text was added, then it stopped looking right, and then long after Microsoft stopped supporting XP i made changes to the software and stopped supporting XP. At that time i removed any mention of XP from the website.

Looks like i missed one spot or that it has accidentally been re-added from a backup in that one spot. That has now been fixed!

If you read the first paragraph on the website describing what Equalify is, you would see that windows 7 and above is supported. And that it now requires Spotify 1.x or above to work - and i do not think they ever released that for XP.

You cant expect current software to support an ancient OS that does not have most of the features of modern operating systems. I honestly think thats on you, but that still doesn’t change the fact that XP was mentioned in a footnote on the website when it shouldn’t have been.

On that note your purchase has been cancelled and your payment refunded.
Have a good day!


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