Name Licenses



It’s great that we can monitor our list of licenses and revoke them, but there’s just no way for us to know which HWID is which machine we have. It would be great to have the PC Name attached to the license, or let us type something in, so we can identify which license is where. My work moves me around from office to office about 10x per year, and it would be great to be able to cancel the machine I’m leaving as I leave it.



You can find the HWID of the current machine if you open the Equalify pro settings and go to the about tab.
Second to last line in that screen shows your HWID.

I know thats not optimal, but the reason i didn’t want to add the computer name or computer username anything else to the license key is for privacy reasons. I did not want to gather identifiable information from my users.

I never though of the possibility of letting people name the machines/licenses themselves though. Thats something i’ll have to think about. Or maybe an “opt-in” checkbox in the options that allows the gathering of the computer-/user-name to add to the license key management.