My new installation don't work in Spotify

How I can remove in register the block for Spotifymigration.exe?

I have to return to WIndows Store versione, my current situation is too much unreliable

That is unfortunate. Could be that you have removed something from the registry (first post) that makes it not work.

To remove the block, download this file, unzip and doublclick the .reg file to import it.

Do you think that the problem will be fixed within some week?

I’m afraid here is not much more i can do.
If you want the problem fixed you should contact Microsoft (its their mess). I have just tried finding a way to get around the problem.

Its also affecting so few people and i can not replicate the problem myself on any machine.

I mean to say: when Equalify will be compatible with Spotify Store version?

I believe that in the future, the Store version will be even more widespread.

I’m honest: I’m tired of this situation.

Every times is very hard to launch Spotify, I have to click many times to try to start the app and to close the windows messages. Many message say me that I have, before to start Spotify, to remove the Store version of Spotify, which, is automatically installed from system after every disistallation. Some others messages say me that in the system are active some restrictions.

The fact is clear to me: I have buy a software for Spotify and this software isn’t able to work with Spotify.
I’m a simply customer that want to use the software that have buyed. Whats other I have to do?

I sent you how you can remove the migrator block above, as you requested. You will probably have to reboot for it to take effect.

The problem with the store version is not something i can fix, you will have to contact Spotify or Microsoft.
Its a problem only a very few people have, And it seems to be working fine on your other computer(s).

The fact is clear to me: I have buy a software for Spotify and this software isn’t able to work with Spotify.

It works fine as long as you are not using the store version…

The Windows Store version of Spotify is not currently supported.

Is right there on the front page of the website. There is nothing we can do other than try to help people get around the mess that Microsoft/Spotify created with an app that can not be removed…

Unfortunately there is nothing else we can do at this time

If this was a new purchase i would have just refunded your purchase, but since you have used Equalify since Febuary 2017 that is not an option.

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