Music Stutters since I got equalify pro

Hi, since I installed Equalify Pro, music sometimes stutters, it is awful!! Has anyone encountered this issue? I am thinking about removing it.


What do you mean by “stutter” ?
Are you sure its not clipping you are hearing, like a sparkle/cracking sound on ie. bass beats because of adding too much bass ?

Could you also tell us a little about your machine, and what type of cpu it has if possible.

Does it only “stutter” when the equalify window is showing or does it also stutter when its hidden ?
If it only stutters when its showing you might want to enable the “Lower FPS” option in the settings->gui menu

The more information you can provide about what presets you use, how your gain is set, your computer and if it happens when its showing or not would help us in figuring out the cause.

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@romel in order to resolve this Notrace needs this relevant info.