Mini equalizer located at top left of Spotify page flickers but will not open the full equalizer

Problem description:

I am not quite sure when it happened, but at some stage the little icon located at the top left of the Spotify page no longer allows me to open up the full equalizer. Currently it just flickers and if I right click on it to move the equalizer, nothing happens. I have completely uninstalled Equalify ( a deep clean of all folders) and also Spotify and reinstalled both, but the problem persists. Currently the equalizer seems to be ‘stuck’ as I thin it is working with the last setting created, but I can’t change anything now or access it at all as the icon is not working.

Operating system:

If you know what soundcard(s) you have, please include it! (ie. Asus Xonar, Auzentech or HT Omega)

Spotify version
You will find the version info in the Help->About menu

Equalify Pro version
I can’t open it up to get to ‘settings’ but it was the updated version installed today - this required an update to what I first installed

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system
Kianto yu2 speakers, but sound is not the problem.

I have taken screenshots of show console debug after cmd:exe if these are of any help.

Hmm. Thats the second report i’ve had of the same thing happening in the last week or two.
The other person did not respond again after i asked for the console log, so i never got anywhere with that report.

So if you could share the screenshots (in a PM) with me that would be great and we can start from there :slight_smile:

Sorry to be a nuisance but how do I PM you as I don’t want the logs to appear on the thread?

Thank you.