Micro Amp troubles

Problem description:
Running a micro amp using latest version of Spotify. Just purchased this software and fired it up. Audio stops playing through my amp and starts playing through my laptop speakers. I looked it up on the forums and I see mention of drivers but this is a micro amp that has no drivers. Here is a link to the amp I have https://www.music-group.com/Categories/Behringer/Signal-Processors/Headphone-Amplifiers/HA400/p/P0386 it has a downloads page but no drivers. It’s a cheapo from amazon but it works just fine for what I want it for. Until I add an EQ that is. I am using on board RealTek sound card but all other “enhancement” features are off/disabled (double checked). Not only does it re-route the sound through my internal speakers, but it won’t push back through the aux port until I close it down completely. Any troubleshooting advice would be awesome! TIA
Operating system:
windows 10

RealTek HD

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:
None, all disabled. Just windows sound.

Are you using the “Device Changer” built into the EQ to get it to the Amp?

I have tried but the neither option is working. It does make the sound somewhat change from my laptop speakers, but it doesn’t send it to the amp

As far as i can tell your headphone amp is connected to the computer with a regular jack/aux cable.

If you connect it to the line out/speakers/headphone output it should work just fine.
Try setting Equalify to use the "default output , then disconnect and re-connect your amp. You could have some software that automatically switches output based on what is connected.

A screenshot of the Equalify “devices” tab could also be helpful if you could provide it.

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