Manual Key? Said i needed to contact support

Problem description:
Installing this for the first time, and after logging in with my details, Spotify has an error saying no internet connection detected. I had a pop up from equalify saying i needed to manually generate my key and input it on this website, but the website doesn’t have the box to put the key it just says i need to contact support. Any help would be awesome, as at the moment I cant even see if this thing works or not.

Operating system:
windows7 64bit

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version
1.1.1 i assume


Try to uninstall and reinstall…if that doesn’t work… @Notrace Can help you.

Here is a thread to help you install the plugin correctly:

Looks like you have managed to install and activate it properly, i took a look in the database and your activation has been used and a key issued. If you are still having issues you can try to deactivate the key listed at the bottom of the members page before restarting Spotify. If Spotify can not connect to the internet, then the EQ wont be able to either, and the EQ needs an internet connection to activate.

If it still isn’t working after doing the above, we’ll generate a key for you manually instead!

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