'm unable to install the desktop version

I don’t have a second computer where it works, I’ve been happily using Equalify until a few months ago when spotify updated itself to the store version. I tried to reinstall the desktop version but failed, now I wish to use it again and I don’t have time to waste, so I’d like a detailed step by step guide on how to get rid of the store version for good.

I’m afraid there is not much i can do to help you other than the guide you have read that requires the files from a working computer to fix the issue. We are not allowed to distribute the Spotify files, so maybe you can ask a friend to send you their files. This is a Spotify and windows issue, If anyone can make an easy and foolproof guide it would have to be the people at Spotify.

The problem is that once the store version has been installed once, the desktop version you install afterwards will always auto-migrate to the store version again on first launch. This can only be fixed by Spotify themselves.

The store program folders are protected by the operating system so we can not place files in the store folder. If we could, Equalify would work fine for the store version as well…

I’ve not tried installing spotify VIA Windows store and probably won’t because of this reason.

When you say the uninstallation failed, what steps did you take to uninstall it? @ParanormalBanana

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