Loading but can't get EQ window to appear

Problem description:
Equalify loads when i play a song but I am unable to get the EQ windows to appear.

I have tried the following:
Close Spotify
Deactivate Equalify license
Uninstalled Equalify
Installed Equalify
Registered Equalify
Closed and then opened Spotify again but still does not work.

Operating system:


Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

What do you mean it loads but doesnt appear ?

Do you see the green button in the top left corner ?

If so try clicking it to show it, and then right click it and select reset position (in that order)

Yes, the green eq thing appears next to the spotify icon in the top left corner.
When i press the eq icon nothing happens.

right click the button and select reset position, and the eq should show up in the middle of your spotify window

Now I feel stupid for never trying right clicking it :flushed: This fixed my problem, thnx! :slight_smile:


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