Limiter settings



I was not very familiar with the limiter feature, and found this basic tutorial online: How Compressor Attack and Release Works.

They recommend settings for multiband limiters, but it seems as our limiter is only one channel. What would the most ideal settings be? It seems like the release times in the equalify pro limiter can be set very high! Currently I have Atk @ 5ms and Release @ 1000ms. It seems to work ok. Any suggestions or help is appreciated.

Maybe a multiband limiter as a new feature at some point?


Hey @Brian

What i usually have is the gain at 0.0 and the limiters attack/release set to 1ms/10kms.
If you use that and make sure the limiter graph(ics) stay in the green or yellow you should be fine.

Multiband is something i’ve thought about. But its not being worked on now :slight_smile: