Limiter beta


A build with a limiter is now available for people that has opted in to use beta builds (settings->beta build opt-in) (05/06/18)

[+] Added a limiter to the EQ.

  • The Limiter can be enabled or disabled in the settings menu.
    It’s recommended that the limiter is turned on at all times.
    There is a new GUI element under the Gain control that shows
    the state of the limiter. Try to keep it in the green or yellow.
    If the limiter turns red you should either lower the gain,
    or think about fixing your filters.
    The limiter will work best with 1ms attack, 10000ms release
    and while its in the green or yellow.

[*] New Gain/Limiter position setting in the GUI tab when the limiter is enabled

  • This setting lets you switch the position of the gain and limiter UI elements to easier see
    what is going on with the limiter.

[*] Fixed a potential crashing bug in the sound buffer unlock function.
[*] Re-arranged some elements in the settings menu and added a new DSP tab

Please use this thread for feedback, bug reports and other issues regarding the limiter feature.

Limiter status in the top right, and some settings below the usual toolbar (with the switch gain and limiter location enabled):


I immediately disabled. This caused my audio to sound muted upon updating. I am using a set of Bose desktop speakers.


Thanks for the feedback.

It does not do anything but lower the input volume, IF there is clipping occurring. So You are adding noise/distortion to the music by disabling the limiter - but it might be in an area of the music where you can not hear it.

The limiter is there as an option for people that do not want to worry about clipping the signal and keep the volume as high as it can be with the EQ filter(s) they have enabled :slight_smile:


I know not much response here about this addition, but I absolutely love it, works great with my headphones, both for cutting the craziness if I overdo the equalizer, and also gives a great visual representation to follow to help me tweak my EQ as needed to sound awesome. Thank you so much for the work you do!