Latest release breaks the Spotify Search?

Problem description:
Since the latest update of equalify introducing the limiter, my spotify search is broken, i can no longer find artists, songs etc. It only states “No search results found”.

Instead of reinstalling the software on my main, i tried to reproduce on my 2nd device with same OS and Spotify/Equalify-Versions: w/o Equalify i can find songs etc, after installing it the search is no longer functional.
Can anybody else confirm this?

It works again on the 2nd machine, seems like a reboot fixed it. On my main one it is still broken, even after rebooting.

Operating system:
Windows 10 v1803

Spotify version

Equalify Pro version

I think you might have had some bad luck with the spotify services being down.

Equalify does not interfere in any way with what you search for or what you do in the spotify client, the only thing it does is alter the audio and audio device.

Spotify had some major service interruptions a few days back, that is probably what caused your searches to not work.

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