Laptop wont install Equalify

Problem description:
Tried installing Equalify on Gigabyte Aero laptop multiple times but to no avail. I’m using the PC non-store version of the app and have tried once 4 months ago and now today. I can go though installation until i hit finish but then when i close and reopen Spotify I don’t get the logo in the corner. This is only the second PC that I am installing this on.

Operating system:
Windows 10

DTS:X® Ultra

Spotify version
Spotify for Windows

Equalify Pro version
Cant install it.

Any special software or hardware you might have installed:

Anything else that can be useful or is related to audio processing on your system


I’m afraid i do not know much about that soundcard, and google is not being very helpful.

The problem is most likely that the card is using ASIO drivers wich Equalify can not work with, or that the drivers for the card loads into every process on start and effectively blocks Spotify from loading Equalify.

There is probably ways to solve both of those problems, but not without a deeper knowledge of how that card and the drivers operate.

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